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How to add Blog Posts Filter to Streamline Theme in Shopify in 2022?

The Streamline theme is one of the most flexible themes for Shopify businesses to build a beautiful and amazing online store. Coupled that with well written blog posts, it is not difficult to grow your SEO traffic and bring sales to your online store.

Adding a blog posts / articles filter is a great way to help customers discover more blog posts content in your Shopify store. If you are using the Streamline theme for your Shopify store, here is an easy way to add blog posts filter to your Shopify blog immediately.

Blog Posts Articles Filter PRO App

Blog Posts Articles Filter PRO is an Shopify App designed to let you insert multiple dropdown filters in your Shopify Blog using blog posts’ tags. It is great for evergreen content like recipes blog, portfolio gallery, customers testimonials etc.

Blog Posts Articles Filter PRO is a subscription based app with 5 days free trial, this means you can setup the blog posts filter and stop anytime if you change your change. It works with all themes (including Streamline), and usually takes less than 15 minutes (varied for heavily customized theme) to set it up in the Streamline blog

If you are facing any problem in the setup process, you can always get help and support at [email protected]

Blog post article tag filter for Shopify blog. Great for recipes

About Streamline Theme by Archetype Themes

Streamline is a premium paid theme ($320) developed by Archetype Themes. It is a versatile theme suitable for both new Shopify stores as well as established brands. Streamline is a Shopify-approved theme available on the official Shopify Theme Store.

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