Going beyond Shopify Blog

Going beyond Blog Post Filters for a better user experience with Shopify Blog

The many little things that come up and makes our blog filters better.

I launched the Blog Posts & Articles Filter PRO on Shopify app store a little over 2 months ago. With the help of Rao, this app took us a little more than 5 months to carve out on a part time basis, wrestling with a learning curve as well as the restriction of Shopify's app ecosystem.

Despite its simplicity (or so I thought), I love the app for how it helps boost the forgotten aspect of Shopify, its blogging feature.

Shopify and the larger Shopify community (merchants, developer, external affiliates etc) have always been putting a lot of focus in improving sales through a variety of discount features, promotion focused apps and various sales techniques. Even when someone pays attention to Shopify's content marketing and creation process, it is often SEO related. In other words, to please the search engine, instead of human readers.

The Blog Posts & Articles Filter PRO however is going against this flow, introducing a small widget to improve the human browsing experience above everything else. I initially struggled with the value it can provide and if someone is willing to pay for this. With the early traction we are getting today, I am excited to see that the human experience is still something fellow Shopify merchants put their focus (and dollars) at.

Though the app has largely stablilized now, there are still quite a few things that we are wrestling with. Some of these are exciting improvements or feature previously not known to us, but got added into our roadmap after talking to our customers. For example, the Reset button. Others are improvements made to better improve the security, code cleanliness and other behind the scene factors that are often not obvious to many of our customers.

The various restriction (and to be fair, updates) of Shopify does make things a little more unexpected than we thought. Knowing that some of our paying customers are not getting the full fledge experience bothers me sometimes, but just like the saying "Perfect is the enemy of progress", instead of waiting for perfection to happen, it's equally important we keep ourself moving to make sure the browsing and reading experience with Shopify blog gets better by the day!