The Blog Posts Articles Filter App is finally live on Shopify App Store!

The Blog Posts Articles Filter App is finally live on Shopify App Store!

After few months of tingling with the codes and Shopify API, our app has finally been approved by Shopify App Store, and you can try it for 14 days free here. (UPDATE: We have updated it 5 days trial now)

Ever since I discovered Shopify about 4 years ago, it has been my go-to ecommerce solution that I recommend to all my clients and friends. However, one Shopify feature that leaves a lot to be desired is Shopify's blogging platform.

While it's equipped with fundamental features like tag and authors, there is really no easy way to improve and customize the user experience for blog readers. Organizing past articles is difficult and there's no good way to search for posts, in fact most themes don't support ways to filter or search through past blog posts.

Yet Shopify blog powers so much content that helps build customer loyalty and creates sales.

This is why the blog posts and articles filter app is something we are really excited to build despite its simplicity.

We love how it can immediately improve the user experience by miles. Searching for old blog content becomes instant accessible.

For Shopify merchant, all the timeless blog content like recipes, tutorials and look book now have a chance to keep reaping readership regardless if they have been created yesterday or 5 years ago.

Since our launch a few weeks ago - which collides with the busiest period for any Shopify merchant - Black Friday followed by year end sale - we are excited to have received a few installations and even email exchanges with Shopify merchant who can see the value of our app.

We are collecting your feedback and building a roadmap to make sure the app stays relevant and will continue grow to power the best user experience for Shopify blog.

If you run a blog on Shopify, I'd like to invite you to check out our app on App store. I am eager to know what you think :)