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Can I use Shopify as my blog?

Contrary to major belief, Shopify does have a decent blogging platform – pair this with Shopify’s beautiful theme, and great design infrastructure, I would say it is a considerably great blogging platform in the context where you eventually want to start an eCommerce business on top of your Shopify blog.

If you are thinking to start a blog on Shopify, you may find the below helpful:

Shopify Pause & Build plan – Shopify has a hidden plan of sorts priced at $9 / month. This plan does not come with cart and checkout function and it is great for anyone who is simply looking to leverage on Shopify’s amazing infrastructure and vibrant app ecosystem.

Blog Articles Filter & Search PRO app – If you are building a blog, do consider installing our app which adds tag based blog filter and keyword search to your blog.

Shopify blog does work a little differently from WordPress. Check out this article for better understanding on how Shopify blog works.

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