Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about Blog Posts Articles Filter app

What is Blog Posts Articles Filter PRO?

A Shopify app that lets you set up and customize dropdown filters for your Shopify blog.

Why should anyone use this app?

If you have invested into creating a lot of blog articles (eg. recipes, tutorials), it could be a hassle for customers to find the right article for them.

This app lets you create dropdown filters (no coding needed) so your customers can discover articles relevant to their interests easily and be educated about your brand / products.

Does this app improve my SEO?

No, SEO is a way to make your website easier to be read by search engine's robot.

Our app aims to improve the discovery and reading experience for human, and we have made many more small little improvements on the app inline with this, like the preloader and Reset button. We don't intend to cater to the need of robot in foreseeable period of time.

That said, we do love good robots!

The filters are not shown on my blog after I have setup and published them.

Due to the many different ways Shopify stores and themes are designed, there could be chances our app won't work on first trial, but fret not, just drop us an email at and we can sort it out for you (usually within 24 hours)!