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We launched a Map-less Store locator Shopify app – why?

I am not sure how many store locator apps there are on the Shopify App Store (26 according to this article), but they all seem to be doing great with hundreds and thousands of reviews.

So why then we launch yet another Store locator app?

Storefolio Store Locator Photo Gallery Style

Yes, we launched Storefolio Showroom Locator awhile ago. In fact, I am not sure it should be categorized as store locator but it is designed to help customers locate your store – but without a map!

How that work? I actually come across this idea when one of my clients asked me to build such a page for them, basically a simple HTML page that displays store photos, address and contact details in grid.

I immediate saw the potential of this and how this can help brands differentiate themselves.

For one, I have personally hated zooming and scrolling around map to find a store – especially on my phone. Admittedly, if your brand has more than 50 stores, map is unfortunately the only sensible way to design a store locator.

However, for the rest of us who have a handful of stores, each with its own unique retail experience and location, a map-based store locator really doesn’t play to your strength. Scrolling and zooming around a map on your phone is really not the easiest way.

This is why Storefolio is born, a photo-gallery (and map-less) store locator that helps your stores stand out with photos. Showcase your strategic location, uniquely designed interior/exterior and your store facilities to drive traffic to your store.

If you are still not sure what a photo-gallery style store locator is, check out these 5 amazing examples we found on the internet.

Ready to try out Storefolio, we offer 5-days free trial – install it from Shopify App Store here.

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